Verus Over the Years

1925: Precision Machine Works

38 machine centers and 130 spindles ideally suited for close-tolerance, hard-metal part manufacturing.

PMW’s unique roughing capability allows industry-leading titanium removal rates for high-volume production processing.

Our specialized multi-stage tooling on long bed 3-spindle 5-axis gantries allows for optimized setup and machining times.


1975: Quality Forming, Inc.

QFI specializes in Formed Detail Parts and Assemblies for both Commercial and Defense platforms in multiple aluminum and hard metal materials.

Components range from small hydro-formed brackets and stiffeners to large fuselage frames, leading edge skins, bonded panels, and machined parts.

Our manufacturing expertise includes a Hot Forming, Hydro-Forming and Brake Forming.


1985: Arden Engineering, Inc. & Astro Spar

Arden has fifty machining centers including seven 3-spindle Gantries and eight horizontals with pallets operating a total of 66 spindles.

Our eleven state-of-the-art, high-speed Handtmann machines allow the manufacturing of long structural aluminum components up to 10.4 meters (405 inches).

Our Nutating heads enable the production of highly complex structures with 6-axis precision.


1987: Perfekta, Inc.

Perfekta is a diverse aerospace company specializing in large complex machining and structural assemblies.

Our 3, 4 and 5-axis machining centers are configured in highly automated cells with palletized systems with high tool-count when combined with in-process attribute measurement are ideally suited for highly complex, very close tolerance products.

Our long-bed, high-speed, 5-axis Gantry machining centers allow manufacturing up to 10.1 meters.


2010: Premier Processing

Premier Processing specializes in Aluminum Chemical Processing including Anodizing, Chem Film, Liquid Penetrant Inspection and Painting.

The Company has obtained OEM approvals serving both the Commercial and Defense market segments.