Premier Processing

Premier Processing was founded in 2010 in Wichita, KS to serve as an industry leader in quick-turn aluminum aerospace processing. Premier processing has industry-leading turn times and provides Verus with vertically integrated solutions that not many can provide. We are currently expanding our capabilities by expanding our chemical processing lines to a working envelop size of 120” X 30” X 60” deep.

We lead the industry by providing expedited lead times of same-day, next-day, or two-day turns. Premier has quickly established itself as one of the most reliable chemical processing companies in the region.


Markets We Serve

Premier Processing holds approvals for all facets of the aerospace industry. We have approvals for Commercial, General Aviation, Defense, Space and experimental programs. We maintain NADCAP accreditation with platinum status for all three major categories: Non-Destructive Testing, Chemical Processing, and Quality Management Systems.


Penetrant Inspection & Chemical Processing

Aluminum Processing Line

  • 78 Tanks
  • Working Envelope 120” X 30” X 60” deep

Penetrant Inspection

  • 2 Tanks 60″
  • Working Envelope 120” X 30” X 60” deep

Prime and Top Coat

  • Prime 10’ x 6’
  • Top Coat 10’ x 6’
  • 6 Booths

Approvals & Certifications

Premier has approvals for several industry-leading airframe manufacturers:

  • Defense
  • General Aviation
  • Commercial
  • Space
  • Experimental

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